Saturday, March 21, 2009

आपले साम्राज्य

Sovereign Priority.
Declaration of parliamentary elections is a time for pondering to whole nation. It is not that after every five years we have to be in process mechanically .but indeed it is time for thinking. We know that you intend for a change. You want to see that young generation of the nation is occupied in work, literacy percentage is increasing, women are safe and participating in constructive activities, there in complete internal and external safety. National income and growth rate are showing increasing trends, whole administrative system is transparent and decentralized bureaucrats are committed to work. To bring about this change traditional attitude is ought to be changed and global sight must developed. Your vote can bring this change for which we are committed. It is time to stand together for nation. We have to bring to pars the vision of A P J Abdul Kalam of powerful India. Unless we bring Change in individuals mind, it can not be manifested on corporate level. Make up your mind for change and bring it in existence through the mandate. You are the revolution of change. We want to see new India developing rapidly and bring it on global map as a powerful and developed country. You can bring this change, yes you can. Demonstrate your democratic right for change. It’s your sovereign priority. We are always with you in process of change.

Mr.Subhsh Deshmukh
M.P. Solapur
Founder Lokmangal Group

Friday, March 20, 2009

चलो मिल के

It is a time for change. Due to fast globalization, values and virtues of life are changing. But we intend to percolate this change in the lives of common men. Mandate is not the play of politicians or leaders focusing on their ideas, concepts or ideologies. It is missile to destroy old traditions and bring about constructive change in country. It is common man who is able to bring the change, because you are the change! Our vision is to bring more transparency, additional capabilities, more employment opportunities, increase in agricultural yield and internal safely. We wish to bring to pass dreams of common man. You are the one can bring this change. Awake and make up your minds for our destinies are common our leaderships are common and only our own accord can bring the change.

Subhash Deshmukh
Founder Lokmangal Group

Monday, March 16, 2009


लोकमंगल ग्रुप मधे आपले स्वागत आहे.